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HerziCamp - The voice of equality (Pics!)

Last week was the best week of this summer, for sure! I was on Red Cross' HerziCamp. With 35 other campers and 9 leaders we had the most amazing and mind-blowing week. There was people using wheelchairs, people from different countries, people who are different. Like me. Before the camp I couldn't even imagine how amazing the camp could be. It really opened my eyes. I think I have been very open-minded already before, but this was something more. HerziCamp made me miss my practical placement in Meldreth Manor School, too. I miss my buddies there...

To be equal.

To be myself.

To help each other.

And smile.

Those things are some of the most important things in the world for me... And on HerziCamp, I could do all those things. I laughed and smiled a lot - exspecially during the last night on camp, thanks Pilvi +Suke!  During the week I made earrings of My Little Ponies, we had disability lottery, went to see YleX and the Parliament House, we learned how to put someone to recovery position, woke up 5.30 and had a boot camp and were saved by hippies...

I miss those people. Real people. I know that the Red Cross won't leave me alone now... Or I can't leave them! I want to go to HerziCamp again and again, I want to do something more too! Hopefully next year I'm one step closer to beat my shyness.

Pilvi wanted to brush Suke's teeth.

It was funny.

room mates!

ear rings :)

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